Build Roller 2D Coasters!
Instructions: WASD to move.
Use mouse build and break tiles.
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function foo(items) { var x = "All this is syntax highlighted"; return x; }


What is Coaster Town?

Coaster Town is a virtual sandbox. There are no actual goals and you can do anything you want. Most people like to build roller coasters or parkours. You can also trade items or do scripting to make your own little games within your park.

Bruh, I found a glitch!

There's a good chance this glitch has already been found, but please report on the forums if you can't find anyone talking about it.

Lag! What should I do?

If your connection is bad, Coaster Town might not even let you play at all, but try ths:

Why is this still beta?

Making games is hard and there are enough people to keep Coaster Town interesting. It will be released when it's released.

What are websockets?

Websockts are what let the browser talk to the server. It should work in any of the following browsers:

Supported browsers


Change Log